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From the ever popular broadcloths to the elaborate twills, we offer a wide range of fabrics for selection.

The Whites
The most basic, yet most essential of fabric colours, we present the whites.

The Blacks
A strong believer of yin and yang? We are too. How can we miss out on these gorgeous blacks?

The Florals
Give your shirts an added touch of wow by lining up the collars and cuffs with these fabrics, or if you’re feeling brave and whacky, make a full shirt with one of these to truly stand out in the crowd!

The Loud
For those who truly wish to push boundaries, browse through the following fabrics… if you dare.


Customisation Options


Advocating cufflink culture, we offer a variety of cuff designs available for your shirt. All of these cuff designs below are best worn with cufflinks. Do ask us if you wish to opt for a button version instead. Do note that not all cuff designs are available in button versions.

The French Cuff

The most common cuff found in formal business shirts, this timeless cuff design is for the man who wants to flaunt his cufflinks. This design puts the emphasis entirely on the cufflink design for the entire cuff to stand out.

The Rounded French Cuff

The rounded French cuff gives a much more casual look as compared to the traditional French cuff, rounding off the entire corner. The rounded shape gives a more laid-back look while still maintaining a sharp image due to the cufflinks required to wear it.

The Napolitan French Cuff (Fly Cuff)

A very stylised French cuff, the Napolitan French Cuff or Fly Cuff (as it’s usually called due to the ‘wing-like’ shape of the cuff) makes a bold statement to a shirt. For a gentleman looking to truly stand out, no cuff exudes boldness and style other than this cuff design.

The Reverse Napolitan French Cuff (Reverse Fly Cuff)

The inverse of the above cuff, this cuff reverses the shape, giving a concave look to the cuff, showing more of the cufflink as compared to the Fly cuff above.

The Pointed French Cuff

This cuff design takes the traditional French cuff and lengthens one side outwards, giving more character to an otherwise basic cuff design. For the man who wants a French cuff with a bit of style, choose this to add more spice to your shirt.

The Cutaway French Cuff

This cuff design subtlely hides the cufflinks, giving the cuff an understated look. Paired with a loud, bold pair of cufflinks, this cuff design is suitable for both formal and casual shirts as the edge of the cuff still gives an edge of sharpness to the shirt.

The Angled/Mitered French Cuff

This cuff is French cuff that has had the corners cut to give an angled look, provided more style than the French cuff. With a sleeve placket that is lined with the secondary fabric, the mitered corner will really stand out against the primary fabric.


Advocating cufflink culture, we offer a variety of cuff designs available for your shirt. All of these cuff designs below are best worn with cufflinks. Do ask us if you wish to opt for a button version instead. Do note that not all cuff designs are available in button versions.

Straight Collar

One of two of the most common collar types in the world, the straight collar is the narrowest and most traditional of collar types, giving a very sharp look to anyone who dons it. While it is narrow, straight collar shirts are still able to be worn with a tie provided that the knot used is small like a single Winsor or just a simple knot. Choose the straight collar for the most formal look possible.

Spread Collar

The second of the two most common collar types, the spread collar is typically chosen by gentlemen who love their ties, or don’t want too formal and sharp a look; a relaxed business look we’d say. Characterised by it’s much larger spread, spread collar shirts go very with ties tied with larger knots.

The Mandarin Collar

Also known as the band collar, this collar is inspired greatly by oriental, Mandarin/Korean fashion. Shirts with mandarin collars are generally made for a special occasion or evening. Wearing a tie is not possible with this collar.

The Double Mandarin Collar

A custom collar requested by a customer many years back, this collar has grown to be very popular amongst our customers. Featuring a sharp edge, the collar adds a lot more style as compared to the traditional mandarin collar. Be sure to ask us regarding lining the entire collar with a secondary fabric to make the collar truly pop.

The Club Collar (Round)

A very unique collar popular in the 1920s amongst the elite, the club collar stands out amongst the sea of straight collars by a rounded edge instead of a sharp one. This gives the shirt a very versatile look. Due to the round shape though, the collar doesn’t look very suitable with a tie.


Timeless Classics

While the modern lady has a dizzying array of choices of jewellery to accentuate her look, the modern man finds it difficult to look beyond just a few key pieces; watch, bracelet, tie etc. Enter the world of cufflinks, a piece of jewellery that first appeared in the 1600s. Though the cufflink has weaved in and out of various eras throughout history, it was not until the 1980s when cufflinks made a return in men’s shirts. Historically seen as an upper class piece of jewellery, Eurocuffz aims to present this European piece of jewellery to the Asian man in a totally different light. With our unique designs, paired with our MTM shirts, we are sure to style up any man’s wardrobe for work and play to a whole new level.